ELP Digest        Vol. 23 #01
                 15 September 2014
The "Two Long Years of Bones and Beaches" Edition
  * incorporating the obligatory apology for delays between Digests
  * Release of the Emerson/Lake "Live from Manticore Hall" CD
  * Release of newly remastered Emerson solo CDs
  * Carl Palmer on tour with ASIA and his band: Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy

Editor's Note:

Well.... it hasn't really been "two long years of bones and beaches" since the last Digest but it's too close for comfort. WHen last I emailed, I was trying the "new" ELP Channel on Facebook to see how that works. Well, it's worked ok but not great. Mostly, I think because there are so many ways to get ELP news on Facebook, the web, etc. Still... I know that some people don't see all the news and don't seem to mind the occasional Digest.

So, at least occasioanlly, we're back.

I've still got my overly busy life and still get to as many ELP-related shows as I can. In fact, just last Friday, I saw a few ELP Digest friends in Shirley, MA at the 2nd show of the current ASIA tour where Carl Palmer is still getting some of the biggest applause of the night!

This reminded me of the Digest and in a stroke of serendiptity, I got contacted by the folks at emersonlakepalmer.com (the band's official web site) asking if I'd help spread the word about some new releases and re-releases from Keith and Greg.

So, here we are. Some info that may be "news" to some and a reminder to those of us who also find our ELP news through other channels.

Read on, McDuff! (pardon the Shakespeare misquote!)

Subject: Release of the Emerson/Lake "Live from Manticore Hall" CD

Welcome to Manticore Hall! Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, two of the founding members of prog legends Emerson Lake & Palmer, released their highly anticipated new CD 'Live From Manticore Hall' on July 14, 2014 on Manticore Records, via Cherry Red.

'Live From Manticore Hall' CD is available from all good retailers including:

You can read the Press Release for full details including track listing at:

Subject: Release of newly remastered Emerson solo CDs

In August, Keith Emerson announced the re-release of a selection of his solo albums through Esoteric. Each album has been re-mastered and features extensive new liner notes.

The 3 solo albums re-released, remastered albumer and links for more detail are:

Subject: Carl Palmer on tour with ASIA and his band: Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy

Carl Palmer is on tour with ASIA (playing a great array of old classics as well as supporting their new album, Gravitas through Nov. 2.

Then, he's touring the US and Canada with his own band - Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy - starting on Nov. 6.

For all tour dates, you can check out http://carlpalmer.com/tourdates.php

See the show!

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