What Does Karn Evil 9 Mean, Anyway?

I think it's a play on words on Carnival, especially since there are many verses about "seeing the show," as well as the different acts you can find there, similar to a carnival.

Also, someone once suggested on alt.music.progressive that the 9 was Keith Emerson's making fun of Robert Schumann's Carnaval, Op. 9.

Glenn Mandelkern, plethorax!gmandel@rambone.psi.net

Regarding Karn Evil 9:

There may be other explanations but I always guessed that it sort of a twisted pronunciation of Carnival. I don't know where the nine comes from...

Steve Bergstedt, berg@areaplg2.corp.mot.com

I think that it is simply a play on the word "carnival." I have heard ELP express a sentiment to this effect in a few interviews. The first impression is sort of like a carnival of a projected culture where humanity is not so highly valued (or something to that effect). Why nine? I don't know. Three guys playing three impressions, maybe?

Jim Smith, smithj@sl9.sr.hp.com