Are there other bands playing "ELP music"?

There are some bands that play ELP pieces, like the English tribute bands "Noddy's Punture" and "Works III". However, none of them has made any records of this.

The German band, Triumvirat, made several very ELP-influenced records in the late '70s.

The American group, Mastermind, even if guitar-based, plays somewhat ELP-oriented stuff on their records Mastermind I, II and III, while definitely no ELP clone.

The Swede, Per Lindh, is a great fan of Keith and his 1994 album, Gothic Impression, is inspired by "J.S. Bach, Keith Emerson and the Chartres Cathedral."

Per Lindh is also involved in rumors of a return of The Nice, on [ Please note the use of the word rumor in the previous sentence. -Ed. ]

The Japanese group Ars Nova, also is inspired by ELP.

For more details and links, also see Bands Influenced by ELP.

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