Where do I get ELP videos?

There are 2 official video releases that have appeared over the years: One is a concert film of "Pictures At An Exhibition" from the early 70s that appeared in theaters back then called "Rock 'n' Roll Your Eyes." While the performances are excellent, the movie has lots of cheesy psychedelic video effects in it which you may find intolerable. It has been available as a videotape containing only the Pictures At An Exhibtion section. It has also been seen as a Japanese import laserdisc containing the entire movie: The Barbarian, Take A Pebble, Pictures At An Exhibition, and Knife Edge (with a bit of Rondo thrown in as I recall).

The other is the "Welcome Back" video that was released when the Black Moon album came out. This is more of a career history with interviews and bits and pieces of other ELP video (e.g., a small section of the "rotating piano" from the California Jam appearance, some excerpts from an ELP documentary that was made during the Brain Salad Surgery era, etc.). This was available on videotape and laserdisc and also contains the entire video that was released for the song "Black Moon" (filmed in an Italian quarry).

Last updated: July 17, 1997