ELP's Worst Albums

Opinions don't differ much.

Love Beach ('78) is underproduced and underdeveloped by a group marked by fatigue at the end of a long and tiring tour. "Canario", "For You" and "Memoirs of an Officer and a Gentleman" are pretty good, though! .

Works Volume 2 ('77) contains various odds and bits and leftovers from previous group and solo recording sessions. Very different from their other albums, with a focus on shorter pieces and more "easy listening".

In the Hot Seat ('94) is more in the area of "Power Pop" than "Prog." It's rather overproduced and seems to suffer from Keith's arm operation. The percussion works also are disappointing. There are several good pieces, though, like "Hand of Truth," "Daddy," and "One by One," as well as the bonus track "Pictures at an Exhibition" (from The Return of the Manticore). Japanese editions also contains lyrics and an additonal bonus track, "Hammer It Out," an aggressive Emerson piano piece.

Non-ELP and non-prog fans tend to like In the Hot Seat very quickly.

Black Moon ('92) is better, however also somewhat lacking a real progressive approach. Still some good pieces like"Black Moon," "Farewell to Arms," and "Affairs of the Heart." Even if far from their best, this album is enjoyed by many fans.

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